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Support crowdfunding campaign


We all heard about climate change; the cause and the problems it presents. But the majority of people still don't know how to implement the solutions into their everyday life.

In our opinion, as consumers we have a lot of power to change the world by carefully selecting what we buy. Some people become vegan or vegetarian, some people start buying second-hand clothes, others try to decompose. There are a lot of different ways to support a more sustainable lifestyle!

Our mission is to help those who want to learn about eco-friendly, natural and low-waste products, so they can support small ethical businesses and save our environment from plastic pollution and toxic products. 

We have the power to change the world for the better!


support crowdfunding campaign

You support us, we support others

To give back, we will send eco-friendly and re-usable period boxes to 50 women affected by period-poverty, after every 1000 GBP raised.

Millions of women are affected by period-poverty. Help us give them access to clean, non-toxic and re-usable feminine products.

Thank you!

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